Core Values-2.png

Lifehouse Church exist to help ALL people experience life change through Christ. We believe that life change happens when we:

Know Jesus 

When people meet Jesus, everything changes.

Find Freedom

When people do life together they find freedom 

Discover Your Why

when people discover their purpose, they find hope 

Make a Difference

when people find their purpose, they make a difference 


It's God's grace through Jesus that ultimately brings life change. 

When the church comes together to worship, hear the word of God preached, partake of communion, and pray for each other, life change happens.

Doing life together in smaller groups helps us have a place where we can know others and be known; where we can serve others and be served; and through relationships, experience life change. 

As we give of our time, talent, and treasure, we ultimately become more like God, who is a giver. As we learn to give, life change happens through Christ.  

We understand growth to not be a one-time experience, but a life long journey. As we receive grace, attend gatherings, participate in groups, and excel in giving, we experience continual growth in and through Christ.